Library Services

The Library Cadre Section operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology is responsible for the administration and management of school libraries (Primary, State Secondary Schools and State Colleges), documentation centres of Ministries and six public libraries situated in Beau Bassin, Grand Bay, Goodlands, Rose Belle, Mahebourg and Rivière des Anguilles.

The main functions of the Library Cadre Section are:

  • To advise on policies, legislation and development in the library sector.​
  • To ensure proper staffing of libraries including the deployme​nt and placement of officers in the cadre.
  • To control and monitor library expenditure.
  • To monitor development and use of library materials.
  • To plan and ensure implementation of library projects.​
  • To ensure optimum use of library resources through the organization of activities.​​
​Public Libraries of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology:

​The first library became operational in 1952 at Rose Hill. Following the popularity of the library services there and in view to serve the public at large, the library facilities have thus been extended to different places in ​Mauritius during the 1980's.

Except for the MOE Public Library, Beau Bassin, all the libraries are situated in rural areas.

Name & Address of Libra​ry
Phone No.
​​MOE Public Library
​2nd floor, NPF Building, Douglas Street, Beau Bassin
​Grand Bay Public Library
Royal Road, Grand Bay
​​Goodlands Public Library
​School Lane, Goodlands (behind S. Jugdambi SSS)
Rose Belle Public Library
Royal Road, Rose Belle (Education Centre Zone 3 compound)
​​Dr. Auguste Toussaint Public Library
Maurice Road, Mahebourg
​Rivière des Anguilles Public Library
Barracks Road, Rivière ​des Anguilles

Opening Hours​​​​​​

All the above-mentioned libraries, are open as from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on week days and on Saturday as from 9.00 am to noon.

The opening hours of these libraries are subject to change whenever there is shortage of staff.

Book stock

Books available are both for children and adults. The variety ranges from cartoon, fiction and non-fiction books for information, education, recreation and research.
Members can borrow these books for home reading for duration of one ​month. 

Reference books are not allowed to be removed from the libraries since they are meant for consulting on the spot.

Membership Fees

The libraries are open to the general public for reading, lending and reference facilities against payment of a membership fee.

The annual membership fee is as follows:

  • ​Children (below 13 years old) – Rs10.00
  • Above 13 years old – Rs15.00

Our contact a​ddress is:

Library Cadre Section

Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

10th floor, NPF Building, Rose Hill

​: 464-1271

​: 464-1271​​​