Educ​ation Sector Objectives

​​​​​To ensure that ALL children aged 3 to 5 years in Mauritius have the opportunity to develop their individual intellectual, socio-emotional and pyscho-motor skills to the best of their capacity in order to build the confidence and self-esteem in learning that will not only prepare them for the next level (primary school) but, more importan​tly, lay the foundations for learning that will support them throughout their lifetime. ​

To sustain equitable access to quality education, ensuring that all learners attain high levels of achievemnet in Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communications Technology and such essential Life Skills as sound human values, healthy lifestyle and so forth as the basis for lifelong learning and good citizenship.

To ensure that all students are given the opportunity to embark on and complete higher secondary education for employability and higher and further education and training with the required maturity and confidence.

To build a system that ensures a supply of quality personnel that work collegially with a strong management and quality assurance system to improve and support learning achievement and overall development of all  learners.

To provide an efficient and effective TVET system of greater public esteem responsive to the present and future needs by having a skilled and flexible workforce.

To make Mauritius an intelligent island, a Knowledge Hub to serve the Region and a Centre for Higher Learning and Excellence. ​ 

To build a creative and competent Human Resource base for Mauritius for sustainable national development.

To develop the Ministry into an effecient, effective, and accountable functioning public institution that exemplifies 'best practices' at all levels of the organisation.​