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 - Accounts Officer
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 - Receptionist/Telephone Operator
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Medco Ltd - Advert for Commerce Educator at Agalega
- External Advert for Agalega August 2021 for Commerce & Accounts Educator
- Duties Terms & Conditions of Employment for Commerce Educator 2021-2022
- Application Form External 2021-2022 Female Commerce Educator 

Posts at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute
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Enlistment o​f Supply ICT Support Officer
- Applica​tion Form​​

Advert fo​r the Post of Director at​ the Rabindranath Tagore Institute
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Vacancies for Post of Assistant Supervisor (Oriental Languages) for Hindi

Enlistment of Supply Teacher for the Teaching of Oriental Languages in Primary Schools
- Application Form

Vacancy for Post of Assistant S​upervisor (Oriental Languages) for Marathi ​​​​

External Advert for Agalega​ for Commerce Educator
- Duties Terms and Conditions of  Employment for Commerce Educator
Application Form External 2020 - 2021 Commerce Educator​

Enlistment of Supply Teacher (Secondary)
- Application Form​

Enlistment of Supply Teacher​ for ​the Teaching of  Modern Chinese in Primary Schools​
- Application Form

​​Post of Laboratory Auxiliary
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Vacancies for Post of Trade​sman’s Assistant

Post of ​Comput​er Laboratory Auxiliary​
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Post of ICT Technician-Senior ICT Technici​an