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​​​​​Early Support Programme

Early Support Programme

One objective of the NYCBE reform is to ensure mastery of those competen­cies that will ease transition for all to upper secondary education. For this to happen, learning gaps have to be detected as early as possible and reme­dial measures taken as soon as learning difficulties are identified. Failure to intervene early leads to an accumula­tion of learning deficits that becomes very difficult and costly to compensate for in later years.


       (i)     Pupils requiring remediation will receive special coaching during school hours.

       (ii)    Support Teachers have been recruited and are being trained to assist the class teachers in  teaching pupils facing learning dif­ficulties.

      (iii)   A remedial education plan will be jointly developed by the Support Teacher and the class teacher for every pupil so as to guide appropri­ate action, thus ensuring reintegration of the pupil in the mainstream.​