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It was enunciated in Government Programme 2020/2024 that an Institute of Technical Education and Technology be set up, in line with the Education Reform Policy, to create opportunities and pathways for students to pursue studies in technical education

The Institute of Technical Education and Technology (ITET) Act 2021 was enacted on 24 July 2021 (Act No 13 of 2021) and came in force on 28 January 2022 except for Section 31. 

The Act provides, inter alia, for the establishment of the ITET to operate and manage technical education centres and to deliver quality technical and technology education.

The ITET is administered and managed by the ITET Council which is currently initiating relevant actions for the setting up of its structure including the procedures for recruitment of the Director and key personnel.

The ITET will be taking over the following 6 training centres from the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) to deliver a diverse range of learning areas in the Technical & Technology Education in line with the emerging sectors of the economy: (i) Knowledge Based Training Centre, Port Louis; (ii) Lycée Polytechnique Sir Guy Forget, Flacq; (iii)Sir Rampersad Neerunjun Training Centre/ School of Information; Technology, Electronics and Communication, Ébène, Réduit; (iv)Prof. B. S. Upadhyaya Training Centre, Piton; (v) Beau Vallon Training Centre (in construction); and (vi)Le Chou Multipurpose Training Centre, Rodrigues The centres would be vested in the ITET at a later stage when the ITET is fully operational and section 31 of the ITET Act is proclaimed. 

The courses to be offered in the ITET Centres would be demand-driven and would include areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, Fintech, Green technology, Engineering Technology, Automobile Engineering and various courses, amongst others. Moreover, the delivery of the courses would be effected through specific expertise, up-to-date teaching, learning skills and methodologies, modern equipment and adapted revisited curriculum that would inculcate higher order technological skill sets to students and develop their cognitive competencies for the understanding of scientific concepts and their applications in processes.

The infrastructure and equipment of the Technical Education Centres would be at par with technological evolution and also provide a stateof-the-art conducive environment to students.

The ITET Council is exploring the various avenues of cooperation at international level for appropriate technical expertise and assistance in the field of technical and technology education.



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