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Infrastructural Projects

     Projects in respect of which funds have been made available :
10 -101
General Extension of schools in the context of NYCBE
(ii)Dr J Burty David SSS
(iii)Belle Rose SSS
(iv)S Bappoo SSS
(v)Camp de Masque SSS
(vi)Ebene (B) SSS
(vii)MGSS Nouvelle France

Construction of 12 additional classrooms​ an​d toilet
10 -102
Construction of Pre Primary Units
Grand Bay GS
10 -103
Construction and Extension of schools
Bambous GS Phase III
Main Entrance & Associated Works
Dookhee Gungah GS
Construction of 8 Additional classrooms
Willoughby GS, Mahebourg
Construction of a new toilet block       
Rose-Belle North GS
Construction of New Toilet Block
(i)Nicolay GS
(ii)Roche Noires GS
(iii)Ramnarain Roy GS
(iv)R.Edward Hart GS
(v)H Chooroomoney GS
(vi) Madhoo GS
(vii)Mapou GS
(viii)S K Kanhye GS
New Toilet in PPU’s
S.K Kanhye GS
Construction of 3 Additional Classrooms
Construction of a new toilet block on Ground + one (G+1) with covered link.
PSRP:  Construction of new toilet block, extension of Preprimary Unit and ancillary works
Rose Hill Central GS
Construction of toilet block and staircase
Mapou GS
Outstanding works construction of toilet
Riviere des Creoles GS
Construction of PPU and external works
10 -103
Upgrading  of schools
Dr O Beaugeard GS
Renovation works
Budgetary Provision :
Rs 8.0M
Upgrading of toilets

PSRP – Reconstruction in 2 phases of a full 3-stream school.
M.Foogooa GS
Boundary wall and renovation of ICT room
Young Men’s Hindu GS
Conversion of toilet block into open space
Poudre D’or Hamlet GS
Closure of staircase and waterproofing works
La Briquetterie GS
Structural repairs
L’Amitie GS
Demolition b.wall and leveling works
L’Esperance Trebuchet GS
Upgrading existing wall
Maheswarnath GS
Construction of b wall
Rev Edward Walter GS
Resurfacing of school yard
Sir Pierre Dalais GS
Internal drain
Aimee Cesaire GS
Boundary wall
Wootun GS
Landscaping works
Rose Belle South GS
Canopy and closing of staircase
Britannia GS
Drains and tarmac
Mare D’Albert GS
Boundary wall
Permal Soobrayen GS
Waterproofing works
Basant Rai GS
Tarmac and drain works
Vel Govinden GS
Rehabilitation and repair works
Petit Verger GS
Pavement ,realignment of b wall
Ilot GS
Upgrading existing b wall, concrete garbage bin
The Vale GS
Construction of a block of 8 classrooms, G+1
Construction of 3 classrooms Blocks including PPU
Demolition of old decrepit existing blocks Construction of new ones

(i)Poudre D’or Village
(ii)Fond du Sac GS
(iii)D’Epinay GS
(iv) S K Kanhye GS
(v) M P Kisnah GS
(vi) Barlow GS
Electrical Works
Curepipe Rd GS
Boundary wall
Robinson Road GS,
Demolition of old blocks
and construction of new ones
Trois Boutiques GS
Rehabilitation Works (repairs to spalling and cracks), provision of a covered passage.
Other upgrading works
Bois des Amourettes GS
Construction of shelter
Bambous A GS
Construction of new school
Cascavelles GS
Construction of shelter
Pointe aux Piments GS
Construction of shelter
Aimee Cesaire GS
Construction of shelter
10 -104
Construction and Extension of Schools
Construction of Dance/Music Block, DC & DT/Home Economics Block, Computer/Library Block, Football Ground, Basket Ball/Volleyball pitches, Changing Rooms, Tarmac area & Covered Links
Multipurpose Hall
St Aubin SSS
La Gaul​ette SSS
Construction of Football Grounds
Basket Ball/ Volley Ball Grounds, , New Boundary Blockwall and ancillary works
Bel Air SSS
Ebene (​G) SSS
Multipurpose Hall, playfield and boundary wall
Nouvelle France MGSS
D. Ramphul SSS
R Guj​adhur SSS
Science block
E Anquetil SSS PH II
Upgrading gymnasium and buildings
Construction of DC D T Classrooms
Lady Sushil SSS
Additional Classrooms
Goodlands SSS
Construction of a multipurpose hall
Floreal SSS
Construction of a multipurpose hall
Sodnac SSS
Construction of a multipurpose hall
Vacoas SSS (S. Bappoo SSS)
Construction of a multipurpose hall
Bell Vil​lage (Dr J. Burty David SSS)
Construction of a multipurpose hall
10 -104 
Upgrading of schools
R Prayag SSS
Rehabilitation works
Sir L Teelu​ck SSS
Science block
R Seeneevassen SSS
Major Rehabilitation works
Gaetan Raynal SSS
Additional classrooms
 Dr Regis Chaperon SSS
Renovation works
M Sange​elee SSS
Construction of toilet
S Jugdambi SSS
Rehabilitation works
Queen Elizabeth College, Rose-Hill
1.         Tiling works in classrooms/staffroom/laboratories and corridors
2.  Works in staffroom: replacement of wooden cupboards, replacement of flush doors.            
Shrimati Indira Gandhi SSS
Various upgrading works:
- Waterproofing works
- Upgrading of toilet
- Repair to damage floor in gymnasium
Derocking and leveling
John Kennedy SC
Construction of new science laboratory
Royal College Port Louis
Waterproofing works
Bambous SSS
Raising of boundary wall
Colonel Maingar​d SSSv
Painting and waterproofing works
Camp de Masque SSS
Royal College Curepipe
Replacement of openings
Belle Rose SSS
Repairs to cracks and waterproofing works
10- 106
Special Education Needs -Construction and extension
Rajcoomar Gujadhur G.S., Flacq
SEN Resource Centre
Riviere des Anguilles GS
SEN Resource Centre
Allee Brillant GS
SEN Resource Centre
10- 106
Special Education Needs- Upgrading
Ferney SEN School
Kiosk and pathways
All schools
Barrier-Free Access provision of ramp, adapted toilet
Moka GS SEN school
Various upgrading  works