​​Mauritius Educational Development 
Company Ltd (MEDCO)

The idea of forming MEDCO emerged at a workshop on the implementation of the Master Plan for Education held in June 1991. The Ministry of Education responded positively to this idea which was an innovation in education and on 21st May 1993 MEDCO Ltd. was incorporated with an Authorised Capital of Rs25m divided into 250,000 shares of Rs100 each. The Company's Issued Share Capital as at 30th June 2002 was:

  • Government of Mauritius   Rs 16,000,000.00        
  • The State Investment Corporation Rs 10,000.00 


The broad objectives of MEDCO Ltd. are:

(i) to foster the development of and promote education and training including vocational and technical;

(ii) to act as Consultants, Agents and Managers of secondary schools and to conduct research in the secondary education sector;

(iii) to buy, construct, rent or lease and acquire by purchase or otherwise, develop all lands and lease-hold rights of any land including state land buildings, for educational purposes; and

(iv) to trade in educational materials and equipment.

(v) to become employer of redundant/excess staff of private secondary schools and to absorb all future redundant/excess teachers and non-teaching staff and to redeploy them in the State Schools and Government Departments.

MEDCO is managed by a Board of Directors comprising a Chairman appointed by t he Ministry of Education and Human Resources.


Registered Address

2nd Floor, Fon Sing Bldg.

12, Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis

Tel: (230) 211 2536, 212 9890

Fax: (230) 210 5720

E-mail: medcoltd@intnet.mu​