Physical Education​​


Physical Education as an Examinable Subject at
  • (i) School Certificate / Ordinary Level
  • (ii) Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level

In line with its policy to offer a broader-based curriculum to students, the Ministry has, since January 2010, introduced Physical Education (P.E) as an examinable subject at SC/’O’ level in 14 pilot schools. The first batch of students will sit for the School Certificate Examination in November 2011 (189 students have entered for SC 2011 examination), the 2nd cohort in 2012 and the 3rd cohort in 2013.
Moreover, based on the recommendations made by Mauritius Examinations Syndicate, the Ministry has approved the introduction of Physical Education (P.E) as an examinable subject in Form VI as from 2012. The subject will, however, be offered at Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level only. The subject will be introduced in 2012 in the 14 pilot Secondary schools only and will be examined for the first time at the HSC 2013 examination.​​

Apart from improving health and quality of life, the introduction of PE as an examinable subject at SC/ ‘O’ level will also provide future career prospects to students in such areas as leisure, recreation and tourism where qualified and trained personnel are needed.

15 J​​uly ​2011 Physical Education Section​