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National Assessment Grade 9


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National Assessment Grade 9

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National Assessment Grade 9​

Students are subjected to continuous assessments and end-of-year internal assessments carried out in their respective secondary schools.

A National Assessment is carried out at the level of Grade 9 in the following subjects:  English, French, Mathematics, Computer Studies/Literacy, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Entrepreneurship Education and Visual Arts.

The aim of the National Assessment in Grade 9 is to evaluate the level of competencies acquired by the students and identify their academic strengths and weaknesses in view of subsequent remedial action.

The National Assessment at Grade 9 will smoothly evolve into the National Certificate of Education (NCE) which will be organised for the first time in 2020 and which will certify the level of attainment of the students at the end of the nine-year basic education cycle.

The National Assessment at Grade 9 will therefore be held for the last time in October 2019.


    1.     The National Assessment at Grade 9 (2019) is based on the previous National Curriculum Framework (Secondary) (2009) and the prescribed.  

     ​          Subject Syllabi FI, FII and FIII (MIE January 2011)

    2. The current NCF for Grades 7 to 9 and the corresponding subject syllabi which took effect in January 2018, apply only to students who joined Grade 7 in January 2018 and after.

   3. The  Handbook for Schools 2019 (MES) provides full details of the assessment schemes, question paper format and assessment objectives for each individual subject.​​

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