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State Secondary Schools

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Secondary Education

Sate​ Secondary Schools​

Private Secondary Schools​

Secondary School Curriculum​​​

The Extended Programme

National Assessment Grade 9

Delf Scolaire​​​​

Admission in Secondary Schools




State Secondary Schools​​


There are 63 state secondary schools which are publicly-funded and managed by the Ministry (MOEHRTESR).   These schools are under the direct purview of the Directorate of the geographical Zone in which they are located.

In addition, there are 6 other state-owned secondary schools which ar​e run by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute/Rabindranath Tagore Institute(MGI/RTI), a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the MOEHRTESR.


List of State Secondary Schools and Colleges


Regional Schools


Of the 69 state-owned schools, 57 are categorised as Regional Secondary Schools, by virtue of their mode of admission.  Admission in these schools is on a regional basis, meaning that they admit only students who reside within the geographical zone in which they are located.  These schools admit students as from Grade 7 and run classes up to Grade 13.


The 4 geographical Zones

Zone 1

Port Louis and the North

Zone 2

Beau Bassin – Rose Hill and the East

Zone 3

Curepipe and the South

Zone 4

Vacoas – Phoenix, Quatre Bornes and the West


There are 26 regional state secondary schools for Boys’ and 25 which admit Girls’ only.  La Gaulette SSS and the 5 Mahatma Gandhi/Rabindranath Tagore Secondary Schools (MGSS/RTSS) admit both boys and girls.



The remaining 12 state-owned secondary schools have been designated to operate as Academies as from 2021.  An Academy is a Secondary School, other than a Regional School, which provides education as from Grade 10 to Grade 13.

Admission to these schools will be on a national basis, meaning that they will admit students irrespective of the geographical zone in which they reside.


List of designated Academies


Dr. Maurice Curé SC, Vacoas


Droopnath Ramphul SC, Calebasses


Forest Side SSS (Girls), Forest Side


GMD Atchia State College, Port Louis


John Kennedy College, Beau Bassin


Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka


Queen Elizabeth College, Rose Hill


Royal College Curepipe


Royal College Port Louis


S. Bissoondoyal SC, Rose Belle


S. L. Teelock SSS, Flacq


Sir A. R. Osman State College, Phoenix


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  Grade 9 Assessment Handbook for Schools 2019​​



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Student Behaviour Policy​

 Form I II and III Science Syllabus

 Physical Education as an Examinable Subject

 New Book Scheme for Needy Students

 State Secondary Schools and State Colleges 


List of Private Secondary Schools in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Outer Islands



School Management Manual for Rectors of State Secondary Schools

Cover  Manual


Archive Secondary​ ​​