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Secondary School Curriculum


Secondary Education

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Secondary School Curriculum​​​

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Secondary School Curriculum​

All public and private grant-aided secondary schools follow the national curriculum, prescribed by the Ministry for Grades 7 to 9 (Lower Secondary).​

Studies in Grades 10-11 and in Grades 12-13 are according to the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) General Certificate of Education (GCE) syllabi for ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level respectively.

The national curriculum for Grades 7 to 9 is prescribed within the National Curriculum Framework Grades 7 to 9 It is a seamless and progressive continu​ation of the curriculum for Grades 1-6 and aims at providing a broad-based, inclusive, holistic and comprehensive education.  Fundamentally, it represents the body of knowledge to be engaged with, as well as skills, attitudes and values to be developed by all students at the end of the Nine-Year Continuous Basic Education cycle.

The subjects taught in schools in Grades 7 to 9 are as follows:

Core subjects

English – including oral skills and literature


French - including oral skills and literature

Science - Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Information and Communication Technology

Technology Studies (Design & Technology and Food & Textile Studies)

Business and Entrepreneurship Education (Entrepreneurship, Economics and Accounts)

Social and Modern Studies (History, Geography and Sociology)

Art and Design

Optional language (An Asian Language or Arabic or Kreol Morisien)

Non-core subjects

Performing Arts

Physical Education

Life Skills and Values


Teaching and learning syllabi, e-books and other learning resources​

​Note: Some Private Fee-paying Secondary Schools also offer the same studies while others propose various programmes and curricula.​


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Teaching and learning syllabi, e-books and other learning resources​


Student Behaviour Policy​

 Form I II and III Science Syllabus

 Physical Education as an Examinable Subject

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 State Secondary Schools and State Colleges 

List of Private Secondary Schools in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Outer Islands

​School Management Manual for Rectors of State Secondary Schools

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